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Rural Housing Coalition Unveils Marist Poll Results on Housing Affordability in New York

The Rural Housing Coalition (RHC) has released the findings of a recent Marist Poll on housing affordability conducted in mid-November. The statewide survey, encompassing 1,780 adults, highlights the pressing concerns regarding housing affordability across New York.

Key takeaways from the poll include:

73% of Residents Identify Housing Affordability as a Major Problem: A significant majority, 73% of New York residents, expressed that the affordability of housing is a major issue in their communities.

Widespread Concern Across Geographic Areas: Housing affordability concerns transcend geographic boundaries, with 67% of rural residents, 69% of suburban residents, and 81% of urban residents identifying it as a significant problem.

Perception of Insufficient State Resources: A noteworthy 71% of respondents believe that the state government is not allocating sufficient resources to address the lack of affordable housing. This sentiment is echoed across rural (71%), urban (77%), and suburban (66%) areas.

Divergent Views on Government Priorities: New Yorkers are divided on how the state government should address the housing affordability issue. While 39% advocate for prioritizing rental assistance, 33% believe the focus should be on more owner-occupied housing development, and 24% argue for prioritizing new rental housing development.

These poll results have been shared with state policymakers and the media. The RHC plans to leverage these findings in their advocacy efforts to both maintain and increase funding for rural housing programs. The insights gathered will contribute to informed decision-making in addressing the housing crisis across the state. To access the detailed poll results, visit here

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