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NYSARH Research Project: Impact of NYS Funding

Casey Edwards conducted an important research project for NYSARH designed to inform and educate decision-makers regarding NYS funding to public health programs which have a direct and significant impact on:

  • Health of people in rural communities
  • Economic health of those communities
  • Social determinants of health

Edwards focus during her research was tri-fold–1.) identify and understand the purpose of key New York State health-related funding streams within selected rural communities, 2.) understand and identify the discrete categories of direct, indirect, and induced economic impact of outside funding by looking at selected health and social entities, and 3.) identify and discuss the economic impact of cuts in funding on rural infrastructure and communities, through the use of IMPLAN when applied to New York State 2016-2017 to 2017-2018 fiscal year budget reductions.

If you would like to view the outcomes of Casey’s research presented at the 2018 NYSARH Conference, you can download her presentation here.



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