Internship Description


The New York State Rural Health Association (NYSARH) is a private, non-profit association. Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of rural New York and their communities. The association is a membership based group, open to anyone who is interested in rural and public health issues in New York State. NYSARH is a statewide organization. We have extensive collaborative relationships with other community based organizations that support rural and public health issues. NYSARH will offer interns an inter-disciplinary field experience in a variety of rural health related issues.

General Overview of Tasks Available

  • Work on a variety of projects and tasks that promote and support the work of the organization

  • Work with our members to organize a successful annual conference

  • Advocacy at the state, local and federal levels

  • Community outreach and education

  • Research, conference planning, data entry, and health promotion programs

  • NYSARH interns will have the ability to align their activities with their personal and professional interests, creating a portfolio which will be used to document learning objectives as they are achieved. Interns may select from activities such as:

Membership Development

  • Develop marketing and promotional materials regarding NYSARH membership benefits for both print and online

  • Create database of potential members

  • Conduct membership campaign

  • Follow up on membership campaign mailings

  • Send out membership thank you letters

Policy & Advocacy

  • Work closely with professional organizations such as HANY’s, CHANY’s, NYSACHO, the NYSARH Policy Committee, and the American Public Health Association’s government relations department to distribute alerts and discuss policy issues.

  • Update advocacy materials, fact sheets

  • Take minutes of the NYSARH Policy Committee meetings and help track bills

  • Assist in the development of plans for any legislative activities that help implement previous resolutions within New York

  • Assist with the development and preparation of materials for various legislative activities

  • Assist with direct outreach and communication to NYSARH members, partners, by mailings, emails and phone calls to promote our advocacy

  • Work directly with members to research and draft resolution which form the basis for governance of NYSARH policy

  • Assist with planning implementation or follow-up to legislative forums and meetings

  • Work on “grass tops” advocacy by meeting with Congressional representatives to discuss NYSARH legislative priorities

  • Learn how to use our online advocacy system to update and inform members and community partners on important public health advocacy issues

Program Planning & Communications

  • Develop original association literature and hand-outs for professional or lay audiences

  • Network with existing NYSARH partners and collaborative organization as and identify new organizations whose missions and objectives complement that of NYSARH and with whom new partnerships should be pursued

  • Represent NYSARH and offer health education input at coalition meetings

  • Assist with public relations, including development of press releases and promotional materials

  • Assist with direct outreach and communication to NYSARH members, section leaders, and partner organizations


  • Assist in gathering and organizing background materials for NYSARH grants, cooperative agreements, and special topics

  • Research and report on NYSARH priority topic areas as identified in the scope of work

  • Attend and report on local seminars and briefings to gather information as needed

NYSARH Workshops & Seminars

  • Provide direct assistance in developing database of meeting speakers, AV needs, and related communications to speaker and conference participants

  • Organize materials for meeting sessions and work with NYSARH planning committee for all conferences and workshops


  • Deliver direct program support to NYSARH staff, projects, and activities as needed

  • Assist in data entry for various projects, ranging from membership updates to survey data, mailing, answering inquiries, etc.

Sample Intern Projects

  • Development and delivery of community based health education topic such as diabetes prevention, wellness, weight management, heart health, stress management, Lyme disease, etc.

  • Assist with the development and implementation of special projects as needed

  • As part of an interdisciplinary team, conduct a falls prevention program for seniors

  • Work with public health departments and/or hospitals to conduct health education programs and outreach

  • Work with partner agencies to conduct research

  • Survey members at all levels as part of an internal review process

  • Assist in the development of web based materials for targeted audiences

  • Assist professional organizations with the coordination of events and poster sessions

  • Assist with grant writing and proposal development

Intern Benefits Include Opportunity to:

  • Attend health related hearings and briefings

  • Interact and network with other leaders and members in NYSARH and the public health community of New York

  • Gain valuable work experience in a professional office setting, with potential for letters of recommendation/commendation

Learn how:

  • Nonprofits operate, govern, and are managed;

  • Staff interact and contribute to the organization;

  • Professional continuing education is planned, managed, and evaluated;

  • Coalitions are developed and nurtured;

  • Advocacy efforts are planned and implemented and other experiences pertinent to advanced competencies of rural health professionals and working in a business environment

  • Also receive:
    Paid registration for NYSARH annual conference

  • Paid one year student membership for NYSARH

Qualifications and Prior Experience

Qualified applicants should be a pursuing a bachelor’s or a graduate degree in public health, health education, community health, health promotion, preventive medicine, or a related discipline, and completed two or more years of coursework with a 3.0 GPA or above. Coursework in health education/behavioral theory, multicultural communications, program planning, advocacy and policy/environmental approaches to improving health and other health education competencies is preferred.

The ideal candidate will be able to work with minimal supervision; have excellent oral, written, and interpersonal communication skills; attention to detail; reliable and prompt; able to commit to a regular schedule; able to deal tactfully with a variety of personalities; and able to work in a team environment.

Required: Microsoft Office programs including Word, Excel, and Publisher. Internet research and database management experience preferable. Highly motivated, self-starter.

Office Location: 10 Kennedy Parkway and/or remote

Housing: NYSARH is not able to provide housing for interns

Stipend: No financial stipends are available at this time

No stipends are currently available. A stipend may be offered if grant supported. In-state travel for projects related to internship responsibilities is reimbursed at the federal rates. Interns must provide proof of insurance and use their own vehicle for transportation, as well as exact actual mileage to be reimbursed within one month of occurance.