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Transform Rural Health: Bridging the Gap for a Healthier Tomorrow

At the core of the Transform Rural Health campaign lies a fundamental belief: everyone, regardless of their geographical location, deserves access to the resources and support required to attain good health. Sadly, many rural communities across New York State have been left behind due to a long history of economic disinvestment, under-resourcing, and systemic factors that have resulted in subpar health outcomes.

Rural residents often face daunting challenges, such as limited or unaffordable healthcare coverage, the closure of healthcare facilities, a shortage of physicians and healthcare professionals, inadequate transportation options, limited access to healthy food, a lack of career opportunities, and housing shortages. These barriers not only impact individual health but also hinder the overall well-being of these communities.

To bring attention to these pressing issues and advocate for systemic change, the Health Foundation has initiated the Transform Rural Health campaign, which aims to amplify the voices and stories of the people who live, work, and serve these rural communities in western and central New York.

Here’s what they believe in:

  1. Investment in Rural Communities: People in rural areas deserve investments, resources, and support to attain good health. This includes improved healthcare access, transportation options, affordable housing, and more.
  2. Addressing Social Determinants: Rural health disparities are largely driven by social determinants of health, such as healthcare coverage, transportation, food access, job opportunities, and housing. Recognizing the interconnectedness of economic and community health is crucial.
  3. Importance of Rural Health Networks: Rural health networks play a pivotal role in providing comprehensive care and improving community health. These collaborative efforts address the unique challenges faced by rural areas.

Unfortunately, despite their significant contributions to their communities, rural health networks have seen their state funding decrease substantially over the past several years. Since 2016, New York State funding for rural health networks has been slashed by nearly 50 percent. These budget cuts limit the ability of these networks to enhance the lives of their constituents and work towards achieving health equity at the community level.

Join the campaign today by sharing the stories of real people living in rural communities. Be a catalyst for change by advocating for rural health awareness and support. Contact your elected officials and urge them to prioritize the transformation of rural health. Together, we can bridge the gap and pave the way for a healthier tomorrow for everyone, regardless of where they call home.

Learn More: https://hfwcny.org/what-we-do/community-health-capacity/the-campaign-to-transform-rural-health/

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