Current Members

The New York State Association for Rural Health is a member organization dedicated to improving the health and well being of rural New Yorkers. We would like to thank each organization who works diligently to make NYSARH the state’s strongest proponent for rural healthcare. We invite you to join us through advocacy and by advancing initiatives that support a commitment to improving healthcare quality and access.


  • Ann Abdella
  • Diane Albrecht
  • Angela Bashaw
  • Amy Carman
  • Leanna Cleveland
  • Alison Coates
  • Anthony D’Agostino
  • LJ Dimanche
  • William Doyle
  • Danielle Gagne
  • Lisa Gugerty
  • Beth Harrington 
  • Richard Kazel
  • Andrew Majka
  • Rajiv Pant
  • Karin Pantel
  • Karen Roach
  • Carrie Roseamelia
  • Nicole Rouhana
  • Jennifer Seymour
  • Jitendra Singh
  • James Skiff
  • Helen Stepowany
  • Christine Veschusio
  • Julie Vieth
  • Sara Wall Bollinger
  • Sherry Wyckoff
  • David Yens


  • Lucas Freshman
  • Grace Gugerty
  • Cara Kowalski
  • Daniel Monohan
  • Naleesa Powis
  • Janice Shirley
  • Jessica Welcher