NRHA’s Rural Health Policy Institute

Join NRHA and rural health advocates from across the nation for the largest, and arguably the most important, rural advocacy event in the country, NRHA’s Rural Health Policy Institute, February 5th-7th in D.C. You’ll have the chance to: Hear from top members of the Trump Administration and leading members of Congress on their plans to make health care work in rural America; Speak directly with your Congressional delegation on Capitol Hill to tell them of the challenges in your rural community. Register for the conference here.

“SURVEY SEZ…” 2017-18 State Health Program Budget Cuts Hurting Rural NY and NYSARH Welcomes Policy Interns

The late summer and autumn months have been an active time for the New York State Association for Rural Health’s policy and advocacy committee. Many NYS rural communities are feeling the negative impacts from wide ranging health program cuts included in the 2017-18 NYS budget. NYSARH is leading an effort to quantify the full impact of these cuts on rural New York State and to formulate a compelling message which can be shared with state policy makers. Over the summer months we commissioned a survey which was circulated to all NYSARH members as well as other key rural stakeholders outside of the association. With an estimated $23.47 million cut from prevention, DSRIP support, Public Health and Work Force development funding, we sought to determine how were rural communities being effected a...

Governor Signs Telehealth Bill into Law

Governor Cuomo signed into law last week, (A.9129-A (Russell)-S.7852 (Young), which requires insurers, including the State’s Medicaid program, to provide coverage for telehealth and telemedicine services. The Governor noted in his approval letter that these services are “increasingly useful for rural patients who might live far away from their doctors.” It is expected that the Legislature will amend the bill during the upcoming Legislative Session to address Gov. Cuomo’s concerns related to the coverage effective date of Jan. 1, 2015 and services not currently covered by insurance plans that are included in the new law. We will keep members updated as new information unfolds. Learn more.

NYS Prevention Agenda Update

We have the NYS Prevention Agenda February 2014 Update and the list of county-specific priorities. NYSARH Members: join local community coalitions and take action at the local level to support your community efforts; identify statewide actions that we can take to encourage actions by our members that promote Prevention Agenda related goals; share your stories with us so that we can keep NYSDOH informed about our activities at the local and state level. Visit the Prevention Agenda Dashboard at https://www.health.ny.gov/PreventionAgendaDashboard. This dashboard contains updated data for many Prevention Agenda measures and shows the level of progress, or lack thereof, towards the Prevention Agenda goals. Data are available at the state and individual county level. The dashboard also has a fun...