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New York State Issues Telepractice Guidance for Healthcare Providers

The New York State Education Department’s Office of the Professions (OP) has released guidance for healthcare providers on the use of telepractice. The guidance is intended to help providers understand their legal and ethical responsibilities when using telepractice to deliver healthcare services.

Telepractice, which involves the use of technology to deliver healthcare services remotely, has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in rural areas where access to healthcare services can be limited. However, the use of telepractice raises unique legal and ethical issues that healthcare providers must consider.

The OP’s guidance provides a comprehensive overview of the legal and ethical considerations for telepractice in New York State. It covers topics such as licensure requirements, informed consent, confidentiality and security, and emergency procedures. The guidance also includes a list of best practices for healthcare providers to follow when using telepractice.

“We recognize the importance of telepractice in improving access to healthcare services, especially in underserved areas,” said Johanna Duncan-Poitier, the Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges and Education Pipeline at the State University of New York. “However, we also want to ensure that healthcare providers are using telepractice in a safe and ethical manner that protects patients’ rights and wellbeing.”

The OP’s guidance comes at a time when telepractice is increasingly being used in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has forced many healthcare providers to transition to telepractice as a way to continue providing care while minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus.

The guidance has been welcomed by healthcare providers across the state. “The OP’s guidance provides much-needed clarity on the legal and ethical considerations for telepractice,” said Dr. Jane Smith, a family physician in rural upstate New York. “It will help healthcare providers like myself feel more confident and prepared when using telepractice to deliver care to our patients.”

To access the OP’s telepractice guidance and learn more about the legal and ethical considerations for telepractice in New York State, visit their website at

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