2018 NYSARH Award Descriptions & Criteria

Senator Patricia M. McGee Award

Formerly the Award of Merit, the Senator Patricia M. McGee Rural Health Worker is given to an individual who have made an outstanding contribution of major significance to improve the health of rural populations. The Award was renamed the Senator McGee Award in recognition of the late Senator’s unyielding commitment to improving rural residents’ quality of life through legislation which will have a positive impact for many years to come. Her willingness to listen and respond to constituents from her own district, and throughout NYS, including NYSARH events, was greatly appreciated. The Awards Committee will consider broad benefits to health, innovative programs, unusual contributions or activities that provide outstanding and long lasting benefit to the public’s health and are consistent with the goals and objectives of the Association.

The awardee is a member of the NYS Association for Rural Health, or an employee of a member of NYSARCH, and is actively involved in health in NY. Consideration shall be given to all areas of health. Nomination information should indicate that the individual’s efforts have gone beyond what is normally expected and are exemplary of dedication to the advancement of the health of the public.

Considerations include:

  • Three (3) references must be sent with the application that includes name, phone number, and email address of
  • Nominees need not be NYSARH
  • No self-nominations for this

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Dr. Gary Ogden Rural Health Practitioner of the Year Award

The recipient of this award must be a direct service provider who has demonstrated leadership in bringing health services to citizens of rural New York.

Factors considered include:

  • Individual must be a provider (physician, podiatrist, dentist or Allied health professionals such as an NP or PA)
  • Must be providing outstanding care (not care that would generally be expected)
  • Must be involved in the community
  • Must be making a lasting contribution to the rural health care system in New York State
  • Need not be a NYSARH member
  • Three (3) references should be included with application material that contains name, phone number, and email address of
  • No self-nominations

This award was renamed in honor of Dr. Gary Ogden, who passed away early in 2007. Candidates for this award should exhibit the same qualities we witnessed in Gary; a passion for life, selfless dedication to their community, organization, and especially, their patients; a strong sense of truth, and the conviction, belief, and action to make dreams a reality.

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Outstanding Rural Health Program

This award recognizes a community-wide, regional or statewide program involving one or more health care professionals, or entities that promote or facilitate the development of the rural health care delivery system. If a collaborative effort, please describe in detail the role each organization plays or played and the impact the program will have on the community in the future. If a one-time event, but can be modeled in other communities, please clarify those factors that can be replicated.

Factors taken into consideration include:

  • Coordination of system services with other health care agencies to avoid duplication of services, thereby maximizing the return on time and finances
  • Networking and collaboration with other health care entities to achieve common
  • Innovation in the development and implementation of the
  • Lasting impact on the community, State, or

Additional information regarding applicant:

  • Three (3) references must be sent with application including name, phone number, and email address.
  • Nominees need not be NYSARH
  • No self-nominations for this Award. (If your organization, however, is part of a collaboration, please note that in the description with a complete listing of all additional )

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