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National Rural Health Day: Take the Pledge!

National Rural Health Day: Take the Pledge!

On November 15th, 2018, health professionals all across the country will be celebrating National Rural Health Day. National Rural Health Day (NRHD) is a day designated to celebrate health workers and health initiatives in rural communities across the country.

There are approximately 60 million people living in rural communities in the United States- that’s almost 1 in 5 Americans! Unfortunately there are disparities in rural communities when it comes to healthcare. Many rural citizens don’t have insurance or are under-insured. Rural hospitals are struggling to stay afloat with disproportionate funding levels and declining reimbursement rates. Worker shortage has been an ongoing issue all across the country for many years now, but the impact is especially brutal for rural healthcare.

With all of these issues in mind, and many not included in this blog, it is all the more amazing to see how hard rural healthcare workers are working every day to address these issues and find solutions. Every person deserves to have quality access to healthcare right in their communities and every worker deserves to have a work atmosphere in which they don’t feel burnt out or overwhelmed due to staffing shortage or funding cuts.

NRHD celebrates the power of rural. Rural communities have persisted and pushed the important values of community and hard work. If you go to www.powerofrural.org you can take the pledge! On NRHD, people all over the country will be walking in solidarity to celebrate the unique strength of rural spirit and community. As the website says, “It’s more than just a day, it’s a movement!”

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